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About workshops

To me mood and feeling are more important than visual reference. The detail of what you see is subdued in translation to the artist’s intent. I’ve tried to use the language of painting, composition design, colors, and brushwork to convey the beautiful dialog between the painting and the viewers.
In this workshop students will be encouraged to regard the elements of what she/he sees as simple geometric shapes to develop their perception and understanding of the visual strength regardless the landscape, still life, or portrait without copying the image seen into a work of art. All practical and theoretical elements of painting any subject will be covered. Students will learn to work with big shapes first, in a powerful design, and then develop a more realistic painting with attention to values, colors, edges, and paint handling. Most of the class time will be spent on loose brushwork, colors, and design so students develop their own voices and allow the uniqueness of their artistic self to emerge. Individual instruction is tailored to the needs of each student.
Day 1 – Introduction lecture on composition and design. There will be a demo and painting exercise in the AM and a quick critic of the day’s work in the PM.

Day 2– A lecture on color and their relationships. There will be a demo and painting exercise in the AM and a quick critic of the day’s work in the PM.

Day 3 – A critic in the AM followed by a short demo on other genre (landscape, still life, figures, portraits) painting. There will be a quick critic of the day’s work in the PM.

Materials List:
Bring what you normally use. It is not important to buy for this workshop.

Some of my favorites:

Mars Orange Yellow Gray (Holbein only)
Kings Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Deep Purple
Brown, Green Umber, Mars Yellow (Old Holland only)
Mars Violet (Bloxx only)
Mars Yellow Rose or Alizarin
Ivory Black off-white (or any light color as a white substitute)

Artist Statement:

“I paint what I want to see, tell the story I want to tell, convey the experiences with people and places I want to share.”

  About the Artist:

Kim Roberti was born in Vietnam, settled in New Hampshire, and now retired to Texas. Kim started to paint at the age of 50 via a mid-life crisis. Seeking to understand the artistry of being an artist, Kim worked and studied privately for Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel every summer for 6 years. She loves the spontaneity of Milt Kobayashi and has attended his workshops. Kim is a member of the Daily Painters movement and contributes 1 – 3 paintings a day and sells her paintings on Ebay. To date Kim has painted and sold close to 3,000 of her works worldwide, garnishing numerous collectors.

Kim won the Jack Richardson award in pastel painting in early 2000. Her work graced the cover of Dick Blick’s catalog cover and she has been published in books and magazines.“I am more focused on learning than competing, so my competition is to better myself today over yesterday. It’s my journey.”

Follow me on Facebook at Kim Roberti Fine Art and My Painting/Life blog at

Kim Roberti, Sudio
400 Hammons St
Tow, TX 78672


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"A Little Help" work-in-progress

Malcolm Gladwell said to be good at something one must put in the minimum of 10.000 hours of work. 
Reminded me of this by Steve Roberts author/speaker on previous engagement. 

Life got in the way, I had a late start today.
I just don't want to miss a day of not painting something big or small.
I surely don't want to miss the count!
Although, I have painted roughly 3.000 paintings in the last 10 years. Sold most on eBay.

"Flowers at Mission Espada" San Antotio 8x10in oil/linen/foam-board.

 "Flowers at Mission Espada" San Antonio, TX "8x10in" oil/linen/foam-board Click here for eBay purchase "Flowers At...