Thursday, November 27, 2014

"Painted House" my home made paint keeper.

My premier work shop is completed last weekend.
I shared 3 blissful days with talented artists both local and out of state.
I can not thank you enough for trusted me enough to participate.
They said to learn is to teach, and I've learned so much from our shared experiences.

The workshop is filled after 2 weeks it was announced. said Sandy at NBAL.
BY POPULAR DEMAND Sandy is planning for my comeback. 
NBAL will have another workshop schedule for me on March 13, 14, 15 in 2015.

One of the artist in the workshop have a wonderful gadget to keep his paint (organized and kept well after paint sessions) what a brilliant idea.  I like it so much that I rigged one up my from stuff around the house.

. apiece of aluminum angle ( you might find at your local hardware store) cut to fit your palette.
.  2 caps from old spray can...or anything that will fit. slip to the 2 ends.
. a piece of butcher paper or plastic wrap for you to roll it up and keep in your freezer until next use.

(optional...a drop or 2 of clove oil here and there to keep paint moist and smell great!)
 I used double sided tape to keep the paint holder in place (the glass top of my palette.) 


Happy painting!


Sandy said...

Thank you Kim, for the most wonderful 3 days of sharing, learning and painting at your Workshop last week in New Braunfels. Everyone had a blast, new friends were made, and inspiration was endless!
So happy that you are returning for another workshop in March, 2015!
One of the best workshops ever!!
You totally rocked it, Ms Kim !
Blessings to you !

Gaye Sekula said...

Thanks for a GREAT workshop!!!