Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"On My Easel" Kim Roberti's 11"x14" oil/linen/gatorboard work-in-progress

11"x14" oil/linen/gatoboard, work in progress.
Abandoned the 9"x12" I started yesterday.
I thought the surface is a bit rough, perhaps I'll pick it up another day.
Got a good start on this 11"x14" in fact I like this format.
(after 10 years of painting daily on 5x7 and 6x6 of smoother surface of gessoboard.)
11x14 is huge! and toothy surface, what fun!
I need to move the model's hand up a little, and make it smaller.
Much to do tomorrow.

Quote of the day: (I don't know of this quote's origin. It was sent to me via FB.)

When you buy something from an artist
you're buying more than an object.
You're buying hundreds
of hours of errors and experimentation.
You're buying years of frustration
and moments of pure joy.
You're not buying just one thing,
you are buying a piece of a heart,
a piece of a soul,
a small piece
of someone else's life.

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