Monday, May 28, 2012

On My Easel "Her Masterpiece!"

6x8 oil on gessobord.
Today's rough-in. 
I love the sketchy brushwork, and the feel of the painting.


William R. Moore said...

I may have but don't think I have ever made a comment before. Have been following your blog for several years and am fascinated by your application of paint and looseness of brushwork. Is there any initial drawing...charcoal, paint, etc, before making marks in paint or do you just start painting ? I don't notice any obvious initial drawing here, there may be a some, I see what might be lines at top edge of arm. Do you have any painting demos, it would be great to see your progression from start to finish. Really like this start.

Mari Jose Molina said...

Amazing job, is beautiful. Cheers!